Detailed Information About Buddha And Buddhism. Buddhism was founded by Gautam Buddha ( Siddharta). He belonged to the republican tribe Sakyas of Kapilvastu. He was born in 563 B.C at Lumbini ( Nepal). He is said to renounce world at the age of 29 years after witnessing four scenes in a sequence
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Detailed Information About Buddha And Buddhism
Detailed Information About Buddha And Buddhism. Buddhism was founded by Gautam Buddha ( Siddharta). He belonged to the republican tribe Sakyas of Kapilvastu. He was born in 563 B.C at Lumbini ( Nepal). He is said to renounce world at the age of 29 years after witnessing four scenes in a sequence... Read more
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UPSC SILENT, 2014 Prelims To Be Conducted On August 24
UPSC SILENT, 2014 Prelims To Be Conducted On August 24. Although, government gave its suggestion to UPSC that English part of CSAT should not be used for gradation and deciding merit list. However, UPSC is silent on the issue and it seems it would not go for any changes as of 2014 prelims... Read more
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It is the president who preserves, protects and defends the constitution. As he himself maintains the constitution, he is not answerable to any court, nor can any criminal proceedings be instituted against him.

Oscar Pistorious Is All Set To Make History In Olympic Games

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Seesaw Change in UPSC 2014 Exam

Sea Saw Change in UPSC 2014 Exam, , the 2014 prelims will have only one paper with 300 marks. There will 100 questions from Aptitude and 200 General Knowledge. The duration of the examination will be of 3 hours. Moreover, as a main exam is concerned now onwards there will be no optional papers

CBI Registers FIR against more than 75 people in JPSC exams

CBI on Friday lodged the FIRs related with five examinations and began preliminary investigation into seven others, according to sources in the central probe agency. Making the second JPSC examination as the point of contention for being tainted.

DRDOs Agni-I/Agni-II/Agni-III/Agni-IV/Agni-V/Agni-VI Series missile a Shield for India

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Kanha National and Tiger Reserve, Reflects Spectrum of Biodiversity

The famous Kanha National Park is a combination of a national park and a Tiger Reserve situated in the beautiful place in the Mandla and Balaghat districts of India's heartland Madhya Pradesh.Great looking Satpura and Maikal mountain peaks nestle this magnificent Kanha National Park.It provides beautiful surroundings to the large spectrum of biodiversity in the National Park.

UPSC 2014 Exam Notification

The Union Public Service Commission, i.e. UPSC 2014 exam notification is declared on 17th May 2014. UPSC has invited the application for the Civil Services Preliminary Examination, which will be held on 24th August 2014 and the last date for receipts of application is 16th June 2014. The preliminary exam will be conducted under the rules published by the Department of Personnel & Training in the Gazette of India.

Indias 73rd Constitution Amendment Act ,1992,Magnacarta of Panchayati Raj

Panchayati Raj System in India realized through the 73rd Constitution amendment Act that stands as an important pillar in Local self rule in India which provided the architecture of the Panchayati Raj System of the country.

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The Xperia Tipo is loaded with a music player, video player and an FM radio. Audio clarity from the device is enhanced via the inbuilt xLOUD Audio Filter Technology which provides great audio experience for the user.
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You guys has been publishing the probable dates and numbers for coming (id it ?!! its just been over 3 years and growing chauvinism and political crisis does not pre-empt any good news) notification. I am not sure if this is mere a guess or has any validity to it. Any which way there are lakhs of people out there awaiting notification. Kindly keep us updated on the progress/update.

Last time I heard that the departments have yet not provided the roster let alone be the notification !!!


by Anil Kumar

बिहार लोक सेवा आयोग द्वारा आयोजित 53-55 सिविल परीक्षा के विरुद्ध पटना हाईकोर्ट द्वारा छात्रों की याचिकाओं को इस वर्ष के आरम्भ में खारिज किया गया था और वो छात्र अपने अपने मामलों को लेकर सुप्रीम कोर्ट पहुँच चुके हैं|

ऐसे ही एक मामले की सुनवाई के दौरान 11 जुलाई 2014 को माननीय न्यायाधीश श्रीमती रंजना प्रकाश देसाई और माननीय न्यायाधीश श्री एन. वी. रमना के बेंच ने केस नंबर SLP 9183/2014 को सुनने के बाद BPSC को नोटिस जारी करने का आदेश पारित किया है|

इस आदेश के साथ ही माननीय न्यायाधीश गण ने BPSC के विरुद्ध पटना हाईकोर्ट के निर्णय से छुब्ध छात्रो द्वारा दायर कुल 6 केसों को एक साथ सुनवाई के लिए टैग भी करने का आदेश दिया है| इस आदेश के बाद 53-55 सिविल परीक्षा में कथित तौर पर हुई धांधली के विस्तृत जांच का रास्ता एकदम साफ़ हो गया है | आगे के लडाई में आप का आर्थिक सहयोग मिला तो हम छात्र जरूर न्याय प्राप्त कर सकेंगे|

उक्त केस में पारित आदेश को निम्नांकित आर्डर कॉपी में देखा जा सकता है-

आप में से जो भी भाई बहन एवं प्रबुद्ध नागरिक न्याय की इस लडाई में हमारा सहयोग करना चाहते हैं वो कृपया नीचे दिए गए एकाउंट में अपनी अपनी शक्ति-सामर्थ्य के अनुसार सहयोग राशि जमा करने की महती कृपा करें, ऐसी हमारी आपसे करबद्ध प्रार्थना है......

खातेदार का नाम- BIBHOOTI BHUSHAN
खाता संख्या- 31636895759
स्टेट बैंक ऑफ़ इण्डिया शाखा- Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

केस के लिए अपना योगदान देने के पश्चात कृपया निम्नांकित नम्बर पर फोन भी कर सकते हैं ताकि यदि आप कोई सुझाव देना चाहते हों तो उसे हम प्राप्त कर सकेंगे| 09835293025, 09968128301, 09818714345, 08603333105.

by BPSC Examinee

Respected sir i want to know complete syallabus for cdpo

by Prakash Kumar

I really love to shop at

by Prania

No change needed B the kind of indians we are from years.mug up ur books clear exams no need to upgrade urself.protest every positive the same not able to cope up with other countries no aptitude no attitude no intellect no english who needs all this to run any country ? indian civil servants needs only theoritical knowledges chapters written in books..dont us ur brains dont change what ur from many a decades..remove csat hum to ratta maar k hi padenge dimag ka use nahi karernge chahe koi samne aajye hum apni matra bhasa me hi baat karenge.jisko indian languages nahi ati plzz hamare desh me any k pehle sari languages sikh kar aye..kyuki hamare yaha k next any waly sary bueaucrats ko english se parhez hai..angrejo ne bharat chod diya ab angreji bharat chodo....hogai desh ki tarrakki badh gaya desh agy...sary protesters civil servant aspirant jab aap log civil servant ban jaye to ek ek english to hindi translater rakh lena...jarurat to padegi hi kyuki english to ap pad samaj paoge nahi.upsc aap k saath koi nainsaafi nahi hone dega csat hat k rahega...aap karo protest.hum tumhary saath h.hum desh ko apni bhasa me chala k dikhayenge bhale dusry desho se piche choot jaye apni bhasa ko piche nahi chutne denge jai hind jai bharat

by Sushma

Removing the CSAT as its not favaouring some students is not fair. A civil servent irrespective of background should atleast know basics of english which is tested by CSAT.

by Madhavi

Removal of CSAT shall be unfair for garduates from enginnering, medical and management backgrounds. The Humanities people study the UPSC core subjects for their entire graduation period and thereafter as well during preparations, while the rest of the lot hardly studies them after Class X. CSAT was a good way of normalising the trade off between the factual learning by humanities people against aptitude of science graduates.

by Prachi

at ther core of the problem lies the fact that UPSC has also reorieneted its questions towards being more contemporary and analytical. To gain such insights, one has to refer to many sources, most of which are found only in newspapers like The Hindu or from a plethora of websites - all of whcich are in English

Any current topic also is covered in english first; add to that availability of foreign writers' books for theory part of optional subject

In these conditions, even if they remove the CSAT paper 2, i doubt it will benefit vernacul;ar students; also the tendency to mug up is very high in Hindi medium students, but this simply is not working since 2008 as UPSC is now not asking factual questions

by Gaurav

UPSC always keeps in mind that for Civil Services candidates appear from core areas from India. CSAT being an advantage for MBAians, IITians, Engineering students and many more who are good in english and have already prepared for such aptitude exams
found easy to score, as core area candidates are not much familiar with English so they find it diffcult to clear the paper. So, it is good step forward and candidates those who are preparing for exams will get more time to study and revise the topics.

by Karan Jaiswal

i don't understand why regional language people are so worried about CSAT.....English in CSAT is minimum required for being a civil servent.its just of 10th STD.why they are making mess.although its marks is not added in rank ..and aptitude shows your capability and credentials for analytic thoughts....they are just hampering exam ..instead of preparing they they are doing fast and striks....whats wrong with them yar ....:(

by Abhishek
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